Please do not park on our street.

imageDear students, retail workers, and the rest of you that have been loitering on our street for one reason or another or otherwise consuming all the street parking. 

This is a courtesy reminder that as of this month, our street is no longer available for you to park all-day on.  We are not a substitute car lot for those of you that can’t secure on-campus parking, nor are we free parking for those that don’t feel like paying for parking near their job.

After having several homes broken into, random strangers hanging out on our street eating and (more disturbingly) drinking in their cars, littering our lawns with beer/wine bottles, fast food wrappers and other refuse, and occupying every last bit of street parking we have until 8PM at night, the residents of our street have successfully petitioned the city to restrict parking in excess of 2 hours to resident permit only.

We’re also ensuring that the limits are enforced by fines and patrolled regularly.  (According to the Los Angeles Municipal Code, Chapter VIII Division W

  • The 1st fine is $58. 
  • The late penalty fine (post 14 days) is $116.
  • The second late penalty (post 58 days) is $141. 

Our street residents have also been educated on how to report vehicles in violation of the posted restrictions. 

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