UCLA Football: #1 in home game attendance

A guy that goes by the handle of 48-41 on one of the UCLA Bruin sports boards I visit, worked out the average home attendance per football game for all the PAC-12 schools. UCLA leads and NO OTHER PAC-12 SCHOOL has a SINGLE home game attendance as high as UCLA’s AVERAGE home game attendance. The average per game home attendance for each PAC-12 school for 2014 through games of November 22, 2014:

1. UCLA 78,249
2. USC 72,009
3. Washington 64,508
4. Oregon 57,447
5. Arizona St. 57,179
6. Arizona 49,815
7. Stanford 47,862
8. California 47,601*
9. Utah 48,437
10. Colorado 42,286
11. Oregon St. 41,585
12. Washington St. 30,486

* California attendance includes one home game played at Levi Stadium – the Field of Jeans) against Oregon

UCLA’s home game attendance for the 2014 season:

Memphis State 72,098
Utah 74,329
Oregon 80,139
Arizona 80,246
USC 84,431

UCLA’s attendance against USC on Saturday was held down by USC’s failure to sell its allotted tickets and the Trojan return of thousands of unsold tickets right before the game.

UCLA has drawn over 80,000 for each of the last 3 home games, and has drawn over 70,000 for each home game this season. UCLA has one home game left this year – against Stanford, while USC has a remaining home game against Notre Dame. UCLA will end the season leading the PAC-12 in home football game attendance for 2014.

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