Should college admissions be based on race? (a.k.a. Here we go again)

So first they decide that race should have some bearing on whether or not you’re accepted to a UC school to “diversity” reasons. 

Then they decide that race should have no relevance in college acceptance.  Intellect & preparedness is king.

Now that Asians represent 40% of UC/CalState collegiate admissions… the powers that be have decided that maybe race should have bearing on admissions after all… to the detriment of the Asian population of California.

Just… wow.

Please read and decide if this is a petition that you would like to sign (or send to anyone living in CA who is willing to participate in this petition).

The CA Senate voted on 1/30/14 to approve Senate Constitution Amendment No. 5 (SCA 5), which would allow the State of California to deny an individual or group’s rights to public education on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin.
Prop. 209 currently prohibits CA government institutions from considering race, sex, or ethnicity, specifically in the areas of 1) public employment, 2) public contracting or 3) public education.

Now SCA5 seeks to remove “public education” – so that means race/ethnicity WILL be considered in UC/Cal State admissions. If that’s the case, Asian students will be severely disadvantaged since Asians are “over-represented” in the UC system already.

What it really could mean
With 15% percent of the population in CA, Asian students may be “stuck” with a glass ceiling of 15% of the UC student body (as opposed to about 40% now). If you feel it’s NOT FAIR, then please go here to sign a Petition:

Please forward this message to your friends who are concerned about this issue as well.

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