The 5 predictable phases of Windows 8 hate

imageThis is what I perceive as to be the 5 phases of Windows 8 hate.  It’s most commonly seen by self-described IT professionals & folks that love saying, “I’ve been in the PC industry for 25 yearsblahblahblah”.  Interestingly, it’s also common for these exact same people to declare that they firmly agree that:

  • Mobile technologies – specifically phones & tablets – are the future direction of the computing industry
  • Seamless compatibility & integration with existing IT infrastructures is absolutely key to transitioning to any new technology
  • Hardware refresh cycles for businesses are growing from 3 years to as much as 7 years; companies can’t afford to buy new devices as frequently

So never mind that Windows 8.1 empowers users to provide both a desktop & mobile interface without

  2. FURY:

With that being said, here’s a nice article from Mashable about the new capabilities of Windows 8.1 that’s a good read:

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