HOWTO: Soft/Hard reset your Kindle 3G w/ keyboard

KindleReset (2)I have a Kindle 3G.  Y’know – the one with the keyboard?  Been using it for a few years now & it’s treated me well, despite reading it in the hot blazing sun of Las Vegas… bringing it with me into the pool (in a waterproof Kindle holder, mind you)… and travelling all around the globe with it.  But recently, I haven’t had time for it.  I’ve spent most of my reading time on my Microsoft Surface or my HTC Windows Phone 8X, both of which have the Kindle app on them so using the Kindle 3G really isn’t necessary for 90% of what I need to do.

So of course I lost track of it.  I really didn’t know where it was… it’d been THAT long since I used it.  Just yesterday, I started looking for it and lo-and-behold, it was behind my nightstand here it’d fallen after having been used for bedtime reading for quite a while.  Completely drained of battery, I plugged it into my MicroUSB charging clock radio (it has a slot at the top with cables for charging USB peripherals) and of course it came up.  10 minutes later it’d downloaded all the books that I’d had queued up for delivery and away we go.

Then it suddenly froze.  The GREEN/YELLOW charging light wouldn’t turn off.  I have a suspicion this had something to do with the pending remote Software Update that Amazon pushed (which after this ordeal occurred without me knowing) but I can’t be certain.  The Software Update that I’m referring to provided New Reading Font, Parental Controls, Kindle Format 8, Comic Book/Children’s Picture Book Support, Enhanced Table/Image Viewing, Whispersync for Voice support,

Anyway, to get it out of this frozen state, I had to do the following:

  1. Hold the power switch to the right for 20 seconds.  Release.
  2. Press the Home button for 60 seconds.  A “Reset” screen will appear.
  3. Hit the DEL key on the keyboard.  This brought my unit back to a stable state, as if I’d done a reboot or a soft reset of the device.
  4. I’m told that if this doesn’t work, you have to do a hard reset of the device, which is the equivalent of wiping & resetting your Kindle.  This procedure will wipe out all your books and require you to re-download them to your Kindle which, while not disastrous, will take time.  It will also lose your bookmarks & settings.
    To do a hard reset, type the word “reset” in the above screen after following step 1.  Warning:  There’s no turning back from this once you type the entire word in and there’s no “Are you sure?”

I’d point to the place where I found this information but I can’t for the life of me find it again.  Kudos to whomever it was that documented this originally & I apologize for not cross-posting to you.  Your article was indeed helpful.

9 Responses to HOWTO: Soft/Hard reset your Kindle 3G w/ keyboard

  1. Cindy says:

    I have a kindle 3 and I love it because I’m old and not very tech savvy.Yours was the only site that helped me restart my kindle with easy to follow instructions.Thanks a million

  2. MNazimool says:

    Hi Kurtsh:

    Thank you so much for you post. I ended up having to do a hard reset following your latter steps and it is finally rebooting. Thanks again.

  3. Laura says:

    Kurt-thanks so much! I have an old Kindle keyboard I haven’t used in years since I have a Kindle Paperwhite that I love. But I thought I would charge it it up and see if it worked. It wouldn’t boot but I re-set(I had to do a hard reset) with your instructions and it even kept my collections. Kind of a trip down memory lane and I might read some of the books. I know many of the ebooks there are those terrible free ones I downloaded like crazy at the time lol. Maybe I’ll clean up my library a bit. But again thanks, appreciate the information.

  4. Margaret Fisher says:

    Thanks very much! I used this to reset my daughter’s old Kindle which had parental controls on so deregistration was not available from the device, and also didn’t work from the Amazon account.

  5. Sergio says:

    Hi, as not said, it works, I held the power switch to the right for 20 seconds (it doesn’t cause the reboot) and the Home button for 20 seconds. Then the Reset screen appears.

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