Dear Yelp: C’mon already, guys… PLEASE?!?

It’s nice that you guys at Yelp appreciate the tile-layout of Windows Phone & Windows 8.  (Complete with in-tile imagery & text-over-translucent backgrounds… apparently renamed “Mosaic” view)


Given that you guys like the Windows Phone style so much, would you care to let us know when there’ll be a reasonably useful Windows Phone client that exceeds the capability of the Yelp web page?  Location services is nice but c’mon guys, really?   No login.  No mobile reviews.  No checking in.  No uploading of photos.  No account history.  No “FUC” ratings.  No threaded discussions.  No messaging.  FourSquare, Facebook, & Urban Spoon apps all beat the crap out of your WP app and they aren’t even that great!

Here’s a snapshot of Yelp’s last 6 reviews as of 11/25/12:  


There’s 1169 reviews right now, and the average review is a 2.5 stars out of 5.  That means that more than ~550 people rated the app EQUAL OR LESS THAN 2 1/2 STARS.  I’ve never seen a major brand have such a low score for their app on Windows Phone. 

Here’s a short listing of apps that have a better score than Yelp for Windows Phone:

And while I’m dreaming… a Windows 8 app would be nice too for us Windows tablet users, yes?

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