Dreaming of my first demo of my new Surface tablet

imageAssuming I know nothing about my audience’s interests, here’s some stuff I’ve thought about demoing, with no regard to flow or anything… just standout capabilities:

(Again, this is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.)

  1. I’ll login with Picture Password. [CUSTOM LOGIN SCREEN]
  2. I’ll show the music service & how you can “pick any song… guess what? You can play it… for free.  Over 30M songs.  No fee.”  [XBOX MUSIC]
  3. I’ll demo the Start screen interface – and in particular show them how the Live Tiles have rich animated information, & apps can have secondary tiles.  Stocks –> MSFT.  People –> Steve Ballmer.  Music –> Eminem.  Also tiles can be rearranged in any way they like them, how I can name app groups, and how new apps can be added to the screen or hidden using App Search.  [START SCREEN]
  4. I’ll take the content from the photo app & share it with Twitter, FB, or eMail. [SHARE]
  5. I’ll take MSFT from the Stocks app and post it as it’s own tile on the START screen. [SECONDARY TILE]
  6. I’ll break out the keyboard.  I snap it on & demonstrate how it deactivates when folded behind.  Then I lay the scissor-switch keyboard on the table, fold out the kickstand, and prop up the Surface like a laptop using this new keyboard.  Then I grab the keyboard and shake it vigorously while Surface dangles from the magnetic latch.  [TOUCH & TYPE COVER]
  7. I’ll show them how I can control the mouse with the touch pad at the base just as I would my finger via touch.  Then I’d plug in a mouse.  [TOUCH PAD/MOUSE PRECISION]
  8. I’ll open the VPN client which is integrated into the OS for Cisco, Juniper, MS VPN, etc. and use a RSA USB fob for authentication. [USB DEVICES]
  9. I’ll connect to a VDI session, which in it of itself isn’t unique however unlike every other platform, there is no VDA license subscription ($100/yr) or CSL ($TBA) required for Surface RT & Windows RT-based devices to use VDI.  [VDA RIGHTS]
  10. I’ll open up Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & OneNote.  And show how I sync our family’s grocery shopping list between my wife’s phone, my phone, and my Surface.  [OFFICE]
  11. I’ll reveal the Windows desktop.  Show how it provides a familiar file management paradigm as well as the traditional Windows Interface.

    Show how it’s 100% compatible with previous Windows 7 applications & devices. [COMPATIBILITY]

  12. I’ll open Internet Explorer 10 and show ESPN.COM and all the Adobe Flash video & content on there from the browser. [FLASH SUPPORT]
  13. I’ll open the Bing Travel app & let someone pick a panorama.  Then I’ll move the screen around to view different areas of the 360 view.  [ACCELEROMETERS]
  14. I’ll display a video on the screen along side with the Mail client.  [SIDE-BY-SIDE APPS]
  15. I’ll plug in a USB drive & copy some files off of it.  Then plug in a microSD flash card and display some photos from it.  Then plug in a mouse and use it to work more productively. [USB & microSD SUPPORT]
  16. I’ll prop up Surface with the kickstand and aim it in one direction with the keyboard folded under… then start recording & walk into frame.  [CAMERA TRIPOD]
  17. I’ll set up the keyboard & kickstand then open the CAMERA program in SnapView & bring up OneNote RT in the primary window.  I’ll start recording the video from SnapView & begin taking notes using the keyboard. [ANGLED CAMERA+MULTITASKING]
  18. I’ll switch profiles & login as my son, showing “my son’s desktop” with Angry Birds & children’s games ONLY.  Then I’ll show how it’s monitored using Family Safety. [CHILRDEN’S DESKTOP]
  19. I’ll show the photo below on the screen of the Surface as a demo of the device’s durability.  [VAPORMG]


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