LeapFrog Connect Coupons for FREE Alphabet Stew & The Book of Super Awesome Stuff

I was searching the Internet coupon sites and I stumbled upon these two coupons for the LeapFrog downloadable content catalog.  If your kid owns a LeapFrog Explorer or a LeapPad, you’ll wanna check these out as they’re both free and easy to redeem and download.  (As of 7/15/12 they still worked.)

  • imageimageFREE: The Book of Super Awesome Stuff (Ebook, 11MB, $7.50)
    Code: 5813 1140 1518 1413
  • FREE: Alphabet Stew (Game, 2MB, $7.50)
    Code: 5813 0790 4610 4973

Instructions on usage:

  1. Open LeapFrog Connect
  2. Click on “App Center”
  3. Click on “REDEEM CODE” button on the right.
  4. Enter in code.  For example:  5813 1140 1518 1413 to get the Book of Super Awesome Stuff.

You’ll get the item for no charge and the download will begin automatically to your PC which will sync the next time you connect your LeapPad or LeapFrog Explorer to your computer.

2 Responses to LeapFrog Connect Coupons for FREE Alphabet Stew & The Book of Super Awesome Stuff

  1. Erin says:

    These codes still work as of 12/26/12

    • kurtsh says:

      Wow. I posted those a while back. Glad they still work I suppose… although, after purchasing tons of high capacity NiMH rechargables & investing in great rechargers for my son’s LeapPad (and subsequent LeapPad 2), I’ve also since concluded that my son’s better off simply using one of my spare smartphones (a Samsung Focus Windows Phone specifically) that I have lying around encased in a dropproof protective shell. I can expand the phone’s capacity to 40GB for music/videos/games, etc. instead of being restricted to ludicrous 2-4GB of the LeapPad, there’s simply more software available for the Windows Phone, I can configure the interface to show ONLY the apps I want him to use, and the apps don’t cost a astoundingly ridiculous $10-$25 each. It still blows my mind that Leapfrog charges $5 to load an MP3 player on a LeapPad… that’s just not right.

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