My Top 10 Reasons to go to Las Vegas – #9 Barhopping & Mixologists

I’m a 20 year Vegas veteran and I’m always amazed by people that “hate” Las Vegas or “can’t stay there for more than 3 days”. This puzzles me to no end & I think part of it has to do with the fact that they don’t know what’s there.

So here’s my top 10 things to do while in Las Vegas – with #9 being Barhopping & Mixologists.

Besides the bar scene being just laughably entertaining & intriguing, (I met my wife at a bar in Vegas – no joke) it isn’t all about mingling, flirting, and getting drunk.

There are few places on the planet with more skilled bartenders & mixologists than Las Vegas.  Here’s my list of favorite bars in Vegas in no particular order, with a quick explanation as to why I love them.

  1. Center Bar (Hard Rock Hotel) – Watch the game & the ladies, play hand-dealt blackjack along the outskirts of the bar.  And listen as your voice is focused by the dome above you and transmitted directly across the bar – not a joke.  And I’m biased because this is where I met my wife of 7 years.
  2. Vesper Bar (Cosmopolitan) – Not well know, great, experienced mixologists here.  Give them some ingredients you like & they’ll use their wisdom to crank out a great drink for you on the spot.  I love this bar.
  3. Book & StageBook & Stage (Cosmopolitan) – Besides being relaxed, it’s home of ‘Jenny the bartender’ who has garnered some fame from the Five Hundy by Midnight Las Vegas Podcast as being an awesome & highly likeable person.
  4. Parasol Up (Wynn) – People watching.  RICH people watching.  Arm candy all over.  Very entertaining place to play either “just up or still up” or “pro or no”.  And they have a nice cocktail menu here in case you don’t want to make any hard decisions for the day.
  5. imageMIX Lounge (Mandalay Bay) – Best view in Vegas, bar none.  The cocktails aren’t bad and the vibe is middle aged or business.  But there’s still a lot of attractive people here to see & be seen.  And you can slide over before or after dinner there.
  6. Petrossian Bar (Bellagio) – Again, people watching.  RICH people watching.  And it’s front and center to the entrance which used to be famous for collecting working girls below the patchouli glass on the ceiling.  Oh yeah… and there’s CAVIAR to consume.  Just bring your black Amex cuz it’s gonna hurt.
  7. imageRed Square (Mandalay Bay) – With over 200 VODKAS available to try, it’s home of the 4-6PM “CaviHour” special: Buy 4 vodka drinks, get a free ounce of caviar w/ all the trimmings, on the house.  I visit at least once every trip.
  8. Nine Fine Irishmen (New York New York) – If you’re with friends and you like a good stout, this is your joint.  People singing, cold running Guinness everywhere, if I’m at NYNY, I’m here to rest, no quesiton.
  9. Insert Coins (Downtown) – Obviously this isn’t everyone’s taste but downtown there’s a bar that features 80’s stand up video games.  This is my officially designated replacement for Quark’s Bar which was closed when the Hilton shut down “Star Trek: The Experience”.  Bastards.
  10. Ghost Bar (Palms) – The famous & long standing bar atop the Palms Hotel & Casino is a casual lounge with a cool vibe.  Hard to meet anyone here but it’s at least fun.  And the glass floor 50+ floors up over the strip is a trip.
  11. imageMinus 5 Ice Bar (Mandalay Bay) – I poohpoohed this earlier and I was proven wrong.  Great photo ops, ice glasses, warm coats, reasons to snuggle: If you’re with friends, this is a ton of fun.
  12. LaGasse Stadium (Palazzo) – My most frequently visited bar.  Mostly because I stay at Sands Casinos but also because the food is AWESOME here.  It’s a combo bar, restaurant, lounge, sportsbook, whatever.

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