The Venetian Casino Marketing comp offers are BACK. (Part 2)

Look at this.  This is a photo taken a couple weeks ago:


These are all Venetian/Palazzo complimentary casino offers mailed in the last couple of months.  And that’s not even all of them.  I received two more in the mail just this past week.  Each have a different offer in them and a different redemption code associated with them, all linked to my loyalty card.

But then there’s the emails.  I never really bothered checking until recently but my ‘spam’ email account has quite of a few offers there too. 

Something’s goin’ on.  It was one thing when they suddenly sent 3 comp offers in a week, but it’s another thing when those offers are coming in like a relentless torrent – one or two a week.  I play a fair amount but I don’t play THAT much.

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