Install updates automatically when available. What a concept.

imageGood job Adobe.  You added ‘automatic updating’ for your Flash Player updates in Flash Player 11.2. 

Just one question: 

Why’d it take you so long?

Was there a massive number of users that were begging to manually install Flash updates every time you publish them resulting in pop ups on everyone’s desktops worldwide?

Well, with a resounding ‘FINALLY!’ the personal computing world can now work without getting interrupted every week with an Adobe Flash Update notification.

No one knows how important it is to keep one’s software patched & updated to protect users from vulnerabilities and such but dammmmn dudes:  If there was ever a constant reminder of how buggy Adobe Flash was, it was the perpetual stream of update notifications that everyone got monthly for 10MB PLUGIN.  On every computer you use.  The work desktop.  The home office desktop.  The family computer.  The laptop.  Blahblahblah.

Well, that being said… it’s nice to see automatic updates implemented finally.  So good job.

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