What is the Vegas “tunnel”? An illustration.

I thought this would be fun.  People talk about getting ‘longhauled’ through the ‘tunnel’ in Vegas but I’ve never seen it illustrated.  So here’s a map of where the tunnel is & why it screws visitors by taking them “out of the way” & increasing the cab fare.

Below you can see McCarron International Airport.  The main road that leads out of McCarron is Paradise which heads north past UNLV’s Thomas & Mack Center, toward most of the strip properties.


Now if you look south of the airport, you can see a label that reads, “Freeway Tunnel Under Runway”.  This is the infamous tunnel people talk about and as you can see, it’s headed NO WHERE NEAR any of the hotels.  In fact, it’s headed in the opposite direction of of the strip properties.  Usually from there, an unscrupulous cabbie will take the freeway, running up the miles driven & further increasing your fare.

This ‘detour’ unnecessarily adds $5-$15 to your fare & no matter what the cabbie says, it’s NEVER NECESSARY.  Here’s a list of excuses I’ve gotten from cabbies that have attempted to explain why they want to take the tunnel:

  • TRAFFIC:  There is no traffic jam bad enough that your taxi needs to take the tunnel.
  • SPEED:  The tunnel will never get you there quicker than Paradise Rd (usually turning on Tropicana Rd or Harmon Rd.)  It may seem like you’re getting there faster due to the fact that you’re going at 75mph, but that’s because no one else is stupid enough to let their cabbie take them this route.
  • SOUTH END HOTEL:  Even Mandalay Bay, at the southern most point of the strip, is best served by taking Paradise to Tropicana.

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