Something about this Venetian Casino invite makes me laugh hysterically


I got another one of those marketing offers to go to Vegas comped based on my previous table play. 

This one was unique however in that it’s squarely targeted at fathers.  Anyone else see the obvious humor in this? 

Come to Vegas!

  • The city that has virtually NO facilities for children. (at least not since the 90’s during the “family friendly” explosion that quickly faded) 
  • Spend time at the tables and away from your kids. (since casinos prohibit children from loitering in the gaming area) 
  • Eat at our fine dining – i.e. no strollers allowed – establishments along the canals
  • Relax in the fun-free zone of the pool (a.k.a. not the Adult / 21 & Over Only part)
  • Blow away your kid’s inheritance/college fund

Sooooo… Happy Father’s Day! 

(Suddenly, I feel TWICE as good about all the cash I’ve taken from the Venetian Blackjack tables.)

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