“Evony” drops libel case against British blogger Bruce Everiss

image This was a fascinating story and I’m really glad to have stumbled upon it.

Bruce Everiss, veteran game marketer and a gaming business blogger that I follow was being sued for libel by “the people that make Evony”.  Although, it’s not entirely clear who that is.  Y’see, the origins of Evony are allegedly very much in dispute, if you read through the Guardian’s article as well as Bruce’s own blog on the topic. 

But one thing seems certain to me (if you read & believe Bruce’s posts on Evony) and that is that the people that run Evony seem to believe that they’re above what I consider to be common sense ethics – the biggest of which include the legal protection of Intellectual Property rights.  But when you see their advertising – heavily laden with images of sex, breasts, and lewd photography, some of which allegedly originated from actual porn DVD covers – it seems pretty obvious to this reader that ‘ethics’ isn’t anything that Evony is particularly concerned about.

This lawsuit against Bruce was going on for a fairly long time and made Bruceongames.com a “must-read-blog” for me.  Here’s a summary of the entire documented drama.  As you can see, each post is somewhat episodic.  It’s so detailed, I really think Bruce could write a book based on the tale and make a good penny, otherwise turning lemons into lemonade.

2 Responses to “Evony” drops libel case against British blogger Bruce Everiss

  1. jon says:

    hi is evony really tht bad lol

    • kurtsh says:

      Honestly? Yeah. They are. Do a search. They’re about the worst kind of bottomfeeders that exist on the Internet… right next to spammers & domain squatters.

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