How cool is Steve Wiebe? (World Record Holder for Donkey Kong Junior)

image Steve Wiebe is the Redmond, WA gentleman that one day decided that he’d try to beat the world record for points in Donkey Kong, a game that is largely considered by many arcade game enthusiasts as the most difficult and notorious arcade game to master.  Unbeknownst to him, neither the current world record holder at the time, a Floridian named Billy Mitchell, nor the “video game world record community” was willing to exactly welcome him with open arms.

He found himself in a battle almost based on principle alone.  When he was denied the world record under somewhat sketchy circumstances, he became embroiled in a fight that spanned several years to be recognized as the best Donkey Kong player in the world.

The subject of a documentary, “King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters”, Steve Wiebe has found sudden fame.  Having his quiet effort documented by video cameras has made him a recognizable face arcade gaming circles.  After having taken the Donkey Kong world record, then losing it, Steve was asked to make the attempt to win it back on live TV on G4, during the E3 Video Gaming Conference in front of a live audience.

Unfortunately, he didn’t accomplish his goal.  After making 3 attempts (and having lost the power on one attempt) Steve managed to get ~980,000 points and show the audience an actual “kill screen”, or the screen at which point the video game will no longer function due to “a lack of memory”. (256th level, if I remember correctly, which sounds like a problem with enumeration in a register)

It turns out that earlier in the month, Steve had taken the Donkey Kong JUNIOR high score record and was recognized publicly for that accomplishment on stage at E3.

And what’s amazing is that he seems to be the nicest guy in the world.  Nary a egotistical statement, never a bad word.  It’s hard to believe someone could fake “nice” for this long a period which leads me to believe that the guy’s a real gentleman.

So he might not be the World Record holder in Donkey Kong… but I think the smiles and cheers he gets from the E3 & G4 crowd on live television this month are a bit more important.

And hopefully he gets a cut of the DVD revenue, ‘eh?

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