“A Kodak Moment”… a.k.a. We love our dog so much!

Meet our beloved dog, Sheepa.  We adopted him about 4 years ago a little after my wife and I got married.  Back then he was about 10 years old and he was very much "alone”.  His appearance was very poor, his fur a tattered mess, and next to the newborn puppies and prettier dogs up for adoption at the local shelter, he didn’t stand a chance.

So of course we adopted him.  And today, he looks ‘fabulous’.

SheepaGetsASurprise-EDIT   PICT0048

Today, Sheepa, my wife and I went to the Century City shopping mall to run some errands and as we were walking along to the Papyrus store to buy some Mother’s Day cards and Thank You cards, I took some pictures of Sheepa and my wife “on their day out”. 

We ended up passing by the “Paris Hilton” store.

0502091355 0502091408a

And as we’re walking along the outskirts of the store, Sheepa stopped and… well… the photos should be self-explanatory:


One word:  PWNED.  We love our adopted dog!  Go Sheepa go!

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2 Responses to “A Kodak Moment”… a.k.a. We love our dog so much!

  1. Eric says:

    Pure GOLD!

  2. Javier R. says:

    Wait until the MS stores are opened… I am sure more than pee will be left behind…. 🙂

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