Richard Jeni gets a new web site

image One of my favorite comedians of all time, Richard Jeni, passed away a while back.  The fact was that he was apparently very depressed and committed suicide… a decidedly unfunny thing from a notoriously funny guy.

I’ve written about my opportunity to sit down with him and talk with him in an airport back in 2000.  We sat down with drinks and laughed about… among other things… airports. And we chatted for over an hour. Yeah, he was a great comedian then and he still is now.

And now, I guess his estate has figured out that there are people like me who are still interested in seeing the bits he used to do.  Stuff that isn’t available on his CDs or videos.  Things he did on TV, like Platypus-man, and other bits.

So they redid his web site and lo and behold, there’s some great stuff there.  Check it out if you’re a fan of comedy.


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