Barack Obama Breaks his Commitment to Adopt a Dog.

Yesterday, it was announced that Barack Obama and his family would be getting a pure bred Portuguese Water Dog.

This of course was after the Obama camp had repeatedly declared to the media that they would adopt a dog, and received the adulation of hundreds of thousands of pro-adoption Americans:

But heck, who cares when apparently, this isn’t new for the Obama administration.  Joe Biden went out and bought a pure bred German Shepherd during the national discussion of adoption.

Hey – while we’re on the topic of aristocrats buying dogs instead of adopting, here’s a little reminder for the uninitiated as to why animal adoption is so important:

Oh – but Obama apologists go over the old PR point… that “their daughter is allergic” and that "it was gift from Senator Edward Kennedy”… despite the fact that there are dozens of dogs that are hypoallergenic and that everyone including Senator Kennedy, who is a Water Dog aficionado, knew about the Obama’s commitment to adopt. 

The fact was the neither ultimately cared about the matter – and I hope that’s not something that’s lost on citizens reading about this.

The fact is, absolutely no evidence has surfaced that Barack Obama even attempted to adopt a dog, despite the NUMEROUS offers of assistance from Best Friends, PETA, the ASPCA, and dozens of other homeless animal welfare organizations – including those from Portuguese Water Dog adoption groups who could have easily provided dogs that were pure bred and simply needed a home.

But it gets better, so buckle your safety belts if you work for an Animal Shelter or Rescue: 
One of the reasons adoption organizations were so desperate to have Barack Obama adopt a dog was because as history has shown, when Presidents “buy a dog breed”, it becomes “fashionable” to Americans to go out and do the same.

Concerned that the rest of the nation is now going to go out and buy Portuguese Water Dogs despite not knowing a thing about them and eventually abandoning them, animal activists are mobilizing to prevent a Portuguese Water Dog purchase glut – a phenomenon that as history has shown us, repeats itself every time a President purchases a dog.

What I find hilarious is the complete and utter silence from the spineless PR folks at all the major pro-adoption organizations throughout the nation.  They all provided incredibly positive publicity and air cover to this guy and find themselves effectively deceived after the election. 

Now it’s like nuclear waste:  No one wants to touch the issue.  There’s not a single post in reaction to all of this on any of the major sites.

But seriously:  Is it really that surprising that a politician would stand up and announce a populist stance (adoption) then turn around after being elected and take the elitist position? (acquiring a pure bred)

[shakes head]

That’s one shoe dropped.  Now if Obama manages to eliminate tax deductions for households that contribute to charitable/non-profit communities that make more than $250,000 annually, you can bet these assaults on animal welfare in America won’t go unnoticed in this blog.

Oh – you hadn’t heard about that?  Here’s a little blurb on his proposal.

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