My adoration for the Adam Carolla Podcast

adam_carolla1I’ll be the first to admit that during the days of FreeFM 97.1FM, I only occasionally listened to Adam Carolla’s radio show.  It was always second fiddle to KROQ 106.7FM’s Kevin & Bean morning program.  Only if they were playing some ungodly music like System of a Down or the Red Hot Chili Peppers (for the Millionth time) would I switch frequencies.

Now that Adam’s off the air, he’s created this podcast and WOW is it good.  It’s the perfect demonstration of what happens when you take a professional talent and put them exclusively on the air without the influence of advertising or any form of censorship whatsoever.



I have a Zune (obviously) and I’ve been subscribing to a total of 24 podcasts and never have I encountered a podcast that suddenly became my favorite so quickly, than Adam’s show.  It’s

I started listening to Adam after the 4 jocks got the can when FreeFM went down in flames.  I’ve heard numerous stories about why this happened, (BTW I’m still not buying the story that Tom Leykis didn’t somehow financially hose the station.  Given the number of leaked comments to the contrary from Frank, Adam, and Danny, there’s got to be something there) but regardless, one thing it meant was the end of the Adam Carolla show, which, as much as I thought it was a milquetoast version of Kevin & Bean. I still kept it as my morning show ‘backup’.

Little did I know, Adam would be back with such a vengeance.  His podcast, started just a few days after the radio program ceased to operate has:

  1. No advertising – 100% Ace Rockola all the time
  2. No censorship at all – Resulting in the frequent dropping of the f-bomb
  3. No program director – Adam controls all the content and all the topics
    No bullsh-t agenda… no stupid plugs.

This is the way I like my radio.  I would rather listen to Adam’s podcast now than listen to Kevin & Bean in the morning on KROQ.  Apparently, I’m not the only one.  The podcast has immediately become the #1 podcast on most the podcast services like iTunes.  It’s at #10 on Zune Marketplace but I actually think the only reason it’s at 10 is because most of us subscribe to the RSS feed they have posted on the web site at – it took too damned long to post on Zune Marketplace.  It might have been because Adam didn’t post it there immediately.

The big thing that I thought was interesting was that his podcast is apparently the world record holder for most downloaded.  In just a couple shows he broke Ricky Gervais’ record for number of downloads for his podcast. (500,000)  I think Adam got 800,000 downloads for a single episode he did.

Good for you Adam.

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