CBS2 discovers an Office Depot that mandates the sale of warranties with laptop sales

Now this is pretty unbelievable.

CBS2 News last night discovered an unsaid store policy at Office Depot in La Cresenta, CA that basically had sales personnel tell customers that the laptop they wanted was “out of stock” if that person tries to buy it without the infamous “store warranty”.

The fact that the store manager was such a jerk… to institute a policy like this just to boost attach rates on warranties… wow. 

Click HERE for video:

Then, just when I think it can’t get any nastier:

HD Guru & Gizmodo report on a Best Buy policy that unlike the Office Depot policy… is written.  In a document.  For distribution.  Apparently, the policy is that if someone comes in and tries to price match, basically do everything in your power to refuse the price match.  To what appears to be an extreme.

This is a shame, because I admittedly like perusing Best Buy.  I’m one of those suckers that wanders around looking for things to buy while there.  The fact that I loathe Fry’s Electronics also keeps me coming back.  But to companies that do stuff like this?  Hrmmm.

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