HUMOR: Make your own graphic signs with “”

I’m gonna waste your time here by telling you about a few of my favorite web sites for screwing around.  Why?  Because I can and this is my blog and I can write whatever I want.  Nyah.


Say’s It is a site that produces authentic looking objects in American life and gives you the opportunity to mock up the words that are on said object.  For example, for those of you with Xbox 360’s, you’ll recognize this item:


See what I mean?  You can create your own fake “signs”, “emblems”, or even physical objects, and they’ve even got a few that provide you with the opportunity to “write your own cartoon frame.  Here’s a favorite of mine.




If you’ve ever seen those motivational posters that they sell in the malls, you know that they really aren’t much other than a photo with some words in Times Roman on a black background.  Well, now you can create your own in 2 easy steps!

image motivator1640035



Ever wonder what you’d look like if you were a South Park character?  Well now you an create your own!  Using the South Park Studios tool you can create a South Park character as easily as building Mr Potato.

For example:


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One Response to HUMOR: Make your own graphic signs with “”

  1. I appreciate the post on motivational posters. Sure, these posters only consist of one or more photos, and simply some cool quotes. I love them and have many motivational posters in my own bedroom.

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