NEWS: Puppy Mill agent “Pet Love” of Beverly Center Mall closes its doors!

I got this in the mail today.  This is just incredible – this place has been an institution for selling puppy mill dogs to the Hollywood elite.

Best Friends Animal Society

Dear Members and Friends,

Yesterday, the upscale Beverly Center Mall in Los Angeles announced it will terminate the lease of the Hollywood pet store institution, Pet Love.  Since last July, Best Friends staff and members like you have been at the Beverly Center educating potential customers that those cute puppies at Pet Love really come from cruel puppy mills.  

Mr. HappyThe goal of the Puppy-Store-Free-LA campaign is to convince stores to offer homeless pets for adoption rather than sell dogs from puppy mills. We’ve already seen two pets stores shut down, and now we have the biggest victory we could have hoped for. Pet Love, a store that sells to the Hollywood elite, is shutting its doors.

The iconic store has sold tens of thousands of unfixed dogs in the 15 years they have been in business, adding to the thousands of animals that clog area shelters and where many thousands die annually. But thanks to you, tireless efforts from countless volunteers, and the Best Friends Puppy Mill Campaign staff, the store will no longer be a part of the perpetual cycle of abuse.

This is only the beginning. The closing of such a giant in the pet store industry in LA, like Pet Love, is a huge victory, but we cannot stop now.

We need your help. Doubling our membership means we can take on more of these giants of the pet trade, ask them to stop selling puppies from mills, and put puppy mills out of business. Each of these victories gets us that much closer to a nation with No More Homeless Pets.

Please act now to ensure that we can continue with A-Puppy-Store-Free-America, so more pet stores get the message that obtaining their puppies through cruel commercial breeding operations simply for profit is not acceptable. We cannot do this without you.

Donate and share. By giving the gift of a Best Friends membership you will help us gain momentum as we press forward with this incredibly important campaign.
Thank you as always, for caring for the animals. Together, one day we can live in a nation of No More Homeless Pets.

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Paul Berry
  Paul Berry, CEO
  Best Friends Animal Society

P.S. This one pet store closure is just a fraction of the amazing work taking place in our puppy mill campaign. Click here to learn more about the progress being made every day. clip_image001 

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