Sheepa goes trick-or-treating.

imageI forgot we had these.   This is a photo of the ol’ pooch in his Halloween costume.  As you can see, he went as a pumpkin which he genuinely enjoys because it gets him a lot of head pats and scratches. 

I don’t mind saying that he and I were the hit of the block.  I don’t have photos of myself in my costume, but because of its size and professionally created design, it’s unmistakable from a distance and those of you who know me well enough know what I went as.

People often ask, “Are you one of those people that dresses up their dogs in clothing?” and I can unequivocally say “Hell no”.  But during Halloween, it’s a great time for him and I to go trotting around the town, giving him a good walk and me something of a workout due to the nature of my costume.

And in my younger days – man oh man – would Sheepa and my costumes have been a great way to meet people.

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