A discussion at Microsoft about Live Search Cashback Program

<paraphrased to protect the innocent… or the guilty>

MSFT FTE #1:  You can get 25% off anything at eBay using Live Cashback!

MSFT FTE #2:  It was 30% until some time this past weekend.

MSFT FTE #3:  It looks like it’s off again. 

MSFT FTE #4:  No, it’s still up!

MSFT FTE #5:  I hope this doesn’t affect the search relevance of eBay on Live Search.

MSFT FTE #6:  I don’t care as long as they keep offering cashback on Joe Biden. 



I laughed so hard at this I peed a little.  I imagine special interest lobbyists paying off Joe Biden through eBay and using Live Cashback to get a 25% discount on all their bribes… err… I mean, “contributions”.

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