Quite possibly the best podcast TV network ever

One of my favorite video podcasts is “Penn Says(RSS).  It’s Penn Jillette’s bi-weekly commentary on anything and everything.  And being that many of Penn’s opinions, politics, and often whacked-out gonzo thoughts reflect my own, you can see why I would religiously sync his podcasts to the ol’ Zune.

While looking at one of his recordings (this one being on his apparent belated discovery that Ron Silver is a lucid thinker and a reasonable human being unlike many of his nutjob contemporaries) it dawned on me that his podcast is actually distributed by a company called “Crackle”.  On a whim, I decided “check it out” – after all, most of the podcasts I’ve seen out there are just sh-t on a cracker and it’d be nice to see some other professional, quality, well-produced Zune playable content on my device.

WTF?  I think I hit the mother lode.  Look at what I discovered:


Yeah.   That Brad Garrett.  If you know anything about the former Everyone Loves Raymond star, he’s not just an actor, he’s a brilliant comedian… and he’s just as slight bit east of bat-sh-t crazy. He’s possibly the most irreverent, non-politically correct, incorrigible comedian I’ve ever witnessed – and I’ve seen Bob Saget, George Carlin, and a few other scary comics.  NOTHING is off limits for him, heaven forbid you be in the front row during one of his shows in Vegas.


Some people don’t like improv comedy.  One person I know (and you know who you are… ahem) thinks it’s formulaic and uninspiring.  I think it’s great entertainment and can’t get enough of it.  To each their own. The Groundlings Los Angeles-based Improv comedy troupe does a podcast every week that satires some familiar situations and so far, it’s been well worth the bandwidth to download – particularly because a good chunk of the content comes from stuff you see in LA.


File this one under, ‘Glorious’.  First of all, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m Japanese by ethnicity and I’m very familiar with my heritage’s perceived idiosyncrasies – particularly, the Japanese penchant for whacked-out TV shows that aren’t limited by a horrendous sue-happy legal system that’s desperately in need of reform.  So… this is a… uh… parody of… uh… a Japanese TV show that… uh… well, just take a look and you’ll get the idea.

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