Wikipedia: The half-assed Encyclopedia Britannica

image It’s no secret that I seethe at the lack of accountability that is Wikipedia. 

It’s like how YouTube gets copyrighted content posted to it and declares that ‘it’s not responsible’ for what people post and that removal or lockdown is done on a best effort basis.

Saying that it’s a reliable authority on any given topic is like throwing a dart at a corkboard and assuming all throws hit bullseye.  It’s a poster child of how the unregulated “power of liberal community” does not work in the same way that knowledgebases and support databases do.  You can’t fire someone for entering irresponsible data into Wikipedia.

Well, good ol’ Kotaku has recently pointed out yet another point of evidence of how ludicrous Wikipedia has gotten.  Their eyes have been focused on the fact that in terms of content posted:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog has 7,832 written for it where as GOD has 3,726. 

Unbelievable.  GamesRadar continues with other comparisons like:

  • Call of Duty vs. World War II
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly vs Time Magazine
  • Pokemon vs Poker
  • Master Chief (Halo) vs ANY given US President
  • Starship Enterprise vs the Automobile
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 vs War & Peace
  • Final Fantasy Music Albums vs ALL Rock & Roll history
  • Megaman X bosses vs ALL Serial Killers
  • Minor Star Wars characters vs US Founding Fathers
  • …etc…



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