Interesting Las Vegas links for a Visitor

image If you were going into a part of the city where you knew people were trying to take your money everywhere you go, wouldn’t you want to be on your guard by doing some research first?  Where should I go to avoid getting held up?  Where are the safest places?  What should I do to protect myself?

Guess what?  In Vegas – everyone wants your money.  Don’t just go to Vegas ignorant. Go to Vegas armed with information to protect yourself.  ‘Cause like G.I. Joe says, “Knowing is half the battle.”

  1. Resort Comp Calculator
    What kind of comps can you roughly expect based on your current level of play? 
    And no, your $10 betting isn’t going to get you a free room.
  2. Casino Game Odds
    What is the house advantage (or ‘edge’) against you as a player? 
    nd why the hell are you still playing Keno & Wheel of Fortune?
  3. Casino Death Watch
    What casinos are looking like they’re going to ‘go under’? 
    Yes, Circus Circus has been on here for years.
  4. Las Vegas Restaurant Reviews
    Check out what others say about that “high priced, highly acclaimed” restaurant before you go.
    Seriously.  Check this out before you go anywhere.
  5. Resort & Casino Property Owners
    Who owns that Vegas spot that you like to go to?  Is the comp plan aligned with others?
    Long live the independent properties!
  6. Vegas Hotel Discounts & Coupons
    Looking to book a room at a discount?
    Pamela’s got all the hook up and going to Vegas on the cheap.
  7. Maps of Vegas
    No, not the crappy ones you see online.  Really good ones you’d be proud to use printer ink on.
    Check out the “Coke vs. Pepsi” map!
  8. The Original Las Vegas Podcast
    Want to listen to something that’ll get you in the mood for Vegas?  This is the best thing to load up your music player with to start that engine running.
  9. Photos of Vegas Food
    Wanna actually see what the food looks like at a given location?  This photographs everything she eats.  It’s an unmatched encyclopedia of visual notes on basically every Vegas restaurant’s food.
  10. Construction in Vegas
    What the heck is getting built on property X?  What’s the back story on that?
  11. Pre-reading for Blackjack Players
    I wrote an blog post specifically for folks going to Vegas to play Blackjack.  You might find it informative.!97895BBB8AD10F37!375.entry
  12. Blackjack Basic Strategy Card
    Here’s something to print out right before you go to Vegas.  How to play perfect Blackjack.
  13. Advice around Taxis in Vegas
    Want to avoid getting ‘longhauled"’ i.e. getting taken for a longer ride than necessary between the airport & the resorts?  Read this article.!97895BBB8AD10F37!990.entry

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