Apple pulls $999 AppStore product after 8 iPhone users actually go and buy it

Everyone loves a story about “justice served” and this is one of the funniest, most precious stories I’ve ever seen and a perfect example of both:
– people who don’t want to accept responsibility for their actions and
– a company so fixated on end user control that that their actions vilify them

Armin Heinrich created a $999 application that was posted to the iPhone App Store essentially as an attention getter i.e. an advertisement for his other applications.  He put a price tag of $999 on the item apparently to dissuade people from buying the software which does nothing but display a picture of a gem on the device.  He fully describes the functionality of the application and never cons anyone about what it is that it does. 

vfeo5Then Apple goes and pulls the product without notice from the App Store catalog after 8 morons apparently had the idiocy to buy it – either accidentally or otherwise.  The creator’s purportedly made $5600 off of people who apparently don’t have any common sense.  (Actually, one person did willfully buy the product in an effort to purchase every single product on the App Store)

Listen to this jackass whine about his own irresponsibility, saying his purchased was ‘just a joke’ and calling the product a ‘scam’ when he willfully pressed BUY on the product and now finds he owes $999. (See review)

So let’s review:

  • A developer finds a crafty way to advertise on the Apple App Store
  • To his surprise, 8 people actually go an purchase his software, netting him a healthy profit. with one whining about how it’s “ridiculous” and “fake”, demanding his money back
  • Apple decides that it’s people can’t handle accountability and takes down the product from purchase without explanation

Ah, you Apple folks are just a bunch of silly geese.

(Read the comments.  They’re fantastic.)

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