My Top 10 Favorite Vegas/Gambling Web Sites

I Love This Place

Granted This isn’t in any particular order, I just think that these folks have the best sites for anyone going to Vegas.  I purposely haven’t listed any travel sites because I frankly don’t really have much of an opinion between the likes of or any of the other sites out there.

  1. Michael Shackleford’s consumer advocacy site
    Michael bulletin boards the unethical activities of the casinos and puts them in a hall of shame.
  2. Vegas Today & Tomorrow
    This could easily be one of the most useful and interesting Vegas sites out there.  For example:  They have a map that shows “Which Hotels Sell Pepsi & Which Sell Coke”)
  3. Five Hundy By Midnight Podcast
    Still the most entertaining and laid back Vegas podcast ever produced by a couple – Tim & Michelle – from Minnesota.
  4. Stanford Wong’s Blackjack 21
    The ultimate Blackjack information web site.
  5. Las Vegas Advisor
    The broadest most up-to-date monthly publication on Las Vegas.  I wish they were weekly.
  6. Vegas Tripping
    An irreverent look at of of Las Vegas virtues & vices.  Great articles as well as being the home of the Trippies – the annual awards given to Las Vegas entities.
  7. Vegas Links
    (No, seriously.  This dude from Vegas Links is psycho.  He’s got so much info, he seriously must be fanatical about Las Vegas and to that I salute him)
  8. LeaveMeAlone-NoTimeShares The Vegas Gang Podcast
    The other Vegas podcast I listen to these days.  Their more topical and quite a bit deeper than Five Hundy but I still like them. 
  9. Two Way Hard Three
    Hunter’s site – one of the Vegas Gang.  A good, long lived site on Vegas. 
  10. What Brian Thinks about Las Vegas
    I just like his format.  His content is frankly old, but I still like his humor and his drawings.  It’s creative in a really ‘I-don’t-give-a-@#$%” sort of way – not to mention he’s the maker of the t-shirt to the right.

These sites are rapidly becoming favorites of mine and could overtake someone in the top ten:

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