Reviews of “21: The Movie” by people that actually live this life

image Here’s some reviews of “21” by people that are actually in this ‘business’ and thought the movie was utter crap.

Some seems surprised by the lack of adherence to the book version, which was an exaggeration to begin with.  But anyone that knows the movie industry (especially anyone that’s read the saga of Superman Returns), knows that the media industry is filled with egomaniacal morons that always “think they know better” than the screenwriter and the original author of a story when it comes to selling the movie. 

Ironically, these same studios have formed walled gardens of creativity like Miramax, Fox Searchlight, and other independent studios to get away from just that sort of meddling to create “Pulp Fiction”, “Juno”, “Napoleon Dynamite”, and other great independent flicks.

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