Posh Puppy of Beverly Hills closed

My wife and I went driving through Beverly Hills today on the way to dinner at Restaurant Row on La Cienega.  We drove by a store called "Posh Puppy" which seems innocuous enough until we saw that it had been closed down.  A giant "for rent" sign hung in front of the building and the inside was dark.

By a strange coincidence, tomorrow is the rebroadcast of Oprah Winfrey’s famous "Puppy Mill" episode:  The Lisa Ling expose where she brings in hidden cameras to the underbelly of some of the most despicable places you’ll ever see:  Puppy Mills on the eastern seaboard.

I fully planned on recording-editing-and-posting the entire broadcast on the Internet being that it seems no one’s done it yet.   I’ve only seen brief 9 minute clips of the show.  (Could it be that the animal welfare advocates out there don’t have the technical ability to record & edit 42 minutes of video?  Hell – someone give me a call next time.)

But before I went through the trouble, I thought I’d skim through YouTube one more time to see if someone had done it yet.  While searching guess what I found:

Posh Puppy closed

At the heart of the problem is that Posh Puppy sold dogs that came from California puppy mills – which we later learned were some of the worst in Southern California.  The owners of Posh Puppy apparently closed the store for the day instead of dealing with the backlash of the protesters present in front of their stores.  The story is here:

But I guess some folks just don’t learn.  They continued to sell dogs from the puppy mills and so finally, KTLA broadcast a press conference that "Last Chance for Animals" ran in front of their store:

Guess what?  Posh Puppy’s now out of business.  Apparently folks don’t feel comfortable buying merchandise from an ethically challenged place of business.

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