What is it that I do these days

Although my title hasn’t changed in 9 years, my job has changed rather dramatically over the years.

Someone asked me at a wedding the other day, what it is exactly that I do.  If it’s someone in the computer industry I usually just say, "Systems Engineer" since most people in this field know what that is.  If it’s a lay person however, I usually go through the machinations of describing how Microsoft has a hundreds of products and how the combination of them create what people know today as the 800FLOWERS.COM e-commerce site or how it is that their "Outlook Email" works and what it takes to get that set up in companies.

This time, I simply showed him this on my PDA.  It was a lot quicker.


One Response to What is it that I do these days

  1. Robin says:

    Very well illustrated chart here. …"Good grief"…."Reality check"

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