Pedigree’s Million Dog Mosaic… a thing of beauty and kindness

image Quick!  What’s so special about the photo to the left?

Look closely – you might be able to figure it out.

Still haven’t got it?  Check the photo to the right.  Now do you see it?

No?  It looks like fabric, yes? 

Alright.  Let’s show you an even closer shot.  Take a look at the imagephoto to your left again and below.

Are you getting it?


It’s called the the Million Dog Mosaic.  It’s sponsored by Pedigree and it’s a collage of photos that make up one giant photo of a dog.

What’s special is that Pedigree will donate $1 for every photo that gets uploaded to the mosaic.

So upload your dog’s photo!  What have you got to lose?

image  image  image

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