YOUTUBE: Sony Blu-Ray Pirates of the Caribbean “Liars” game fails to work

This is a riot and it once again points out the problem of Blu-ray’s profile inconsistency.  Some player’s firmware works, others don’t.  The PS3 seems to be most consistent – which makes sense being that is made by Sony of course, because otherwise it’d be like having a Sony device not properly work with Memory Stick.

But any other standalone player has problems.  In fact, even Sony’s own standalone player has issues because firmware updates provide inconsistent engines to interpret Blu-ray features.  Blu-ray profile 1.0 provided virtually nothing other than movie functionality.  Blu-ray profile 1.1 provided some additional interactivity, but no layered video (picture in picture features) and only Blu-ray profile 1.2 supports picture in picture.  The result is that most standalone players can’t play many Blu-ray discs – particularly the highly touted movies like "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Meanwhile HD DVD has remained consistent from day 1, providing all the video, interactivity, layering, and other features since the first day it was released.  And all players – XBox or standalone – have been able to play all discs all the time.

Here’s one guys experience trying to get Pirates of the Caribbean’s "Liars" interactive game to work:

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