Using Amazon’s Wishlist to categorize one’s current personal interests

I’ve discovered during this holiday season that my interests are fairly easy to define.

Every year, people ask me "what I want" for Christmas so this year I decided to create an wish/gift list.  During that time, several things have been added, other things have been cut, but the end result has been a very clear definition of what my interests are.

  • Books about Dogs & Dog Adoptions
  • Books about Las Vegas & Blackjack Strategy
  • Books about Japanese Sake
  • Any good HD-DVDs
  • Various electronics (Zune, Slingbox, Xbox 360 peripherals and games)
  • A few select Alternative/Modern rock Music CDs
  • Non-fiction Audiobook CDs

While this might not seem like a clear list, it really is.  Nothing on my rather long list falls outside of this set of categories. 

In fact, this Christmas, I knocked out about half my "wishlist" but I also noticed that people that accessed my list, ABSOLUTELY NEVER actually bought the items directly from  I’m sure a big part of this was the fact that it requires a delivery charge (something I don’t have to deal with since I’m an Amazon Prime member) and the fact that many people I know still haven’t gotten used to purchasing gifts online instead of at brick & mortar stores during the holidays. In contrast, I bought virtually everything online for my family and friends this year.

In any case, I found this all very interesting.  It’s very rare that I’m able to look at a collected list of my’s wants and derive an aggregate set of personal interests through it.  I wonder what this list will look like in 10 years. 

Even more interesting… I wonder how Amazon consumes this information into it’s neural network to derive what kind of other things I’d be interested in.


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