Katharine Fletcher of Play Digital

I’m sitting here with my Zune, zipping through all the Podcasts that are listed online that I can subscribe to on Zune Marketplace when I see this one called Play Digital.  And much to my delight, after subscribing I discover that the host is a grrlgamer.

imageLessee here.  Long, dark hair, cute little bod, sweet British accent, beautiful bright brown eyes, low maintenance Jinx-esque wear, a great knowledge of gaming, and very little fear of letting a 4 letter word pass those lips.

Whew!  That’s my kinda girl.  I like her spunk and attitude more than Morgan Webb of XPlay fame.  Heck – maybe G4 ought to try flying her out to Los Angeles to get her on the small screen.  They could use some new talent.

And maybe they could get someone with some personal dignity and real gamer credentials to replace Attack of the Show’s atrocious ‘Layla Kayleigh’.  (Wasn’t that woman supposed to have left by now to take over as designated eye candy of the World Poker Tour?)

I digress.  Check Katharine out at http://www.playdigital.tv/.

2 Responses to Katharine Fletcher of Play Digital

  1. Unknown says:

    What ever happened to Kathy? Anyone know? She did that review on "Every Day Shooter" a couple months back and disappeared entirely!I miss her a lot.<3

  2. Kurt says:

    They\’re on hiatus until ChannelFlip reorgs.  They\’re doing a bunch of stuff to the studio.  Read http://www.channelflip.com/ for an update.

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