SHOCKING: Lower costs for HD DVD players & media creates droves of new purchases

Hilarious.  The folks at CNET UK wrote a great piece that basically echoes the sentiments of anyone that recognizes the basic economics of HD DVD:


  1. HD DVD uses tremendously less expensive components than Blu-ray DVD in all its hardware and media, in particular the optical components.
  2. HD DVD’s player’s price as a result is significantly lower than Blu-ray players.
  3. A drop in HD DVD’s price for its players to $99 each, results in people buying HD DVD drives, regardless of any other factor.


Additionally, the availability of technologies like 3xDVD, which allows average Joes to create HD DVD quality video and write it to traditional, mass produced dual layer DVD discs for playback on any HD DVD player, makes homebrew HD video a reality for the masses.

For example, company’s like Ulead who produce DVD production software can easily, with just a patch, now produce HD DVD discs as well as conventional disc.


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