The Story of Pablo, the Katrina rescue dog – and his court case

Check this out:

  1. A dog, Pablo, is forcibly left behind in Katrina.
  2. He is found by a rescue organization called Best Friends and handed over to an Arizona shelter to care & feeding.  The Arizona shelter, stupidly, has the dog adopted by a couple even though there is a clear 6 month moratorium on adoptions of dogs found from Katrina because of the possibility of their family searching for them.
  3. Sure enough, a woman from Louisiana who was displaced and lost Pablo returns two months later after searching for Pablo and eventually finding him through Best Friends.
  4. The couple that adopts Pablo moved to San Diego and refuses to give up Pablo claiming the woman ‘has the wrong dog’ and that Pablo ISN’T ‘Pablo’ despite marking identification, the fact that Pablo responds to the name Pablo, and other identifying evidence.

    Then this couple does the unthinkable and communicates through a 3rd party that, despite their claims that Pablo isn’t the woman’s dog, that they’ll give up the dog for $10,000.

    Yes, you read that right:  These low lifes held a dog hostage from a victim of Hurricane Katrina.

  5. Woman takes the couple to court for 4 months.  Animal enthusiasts the world over funnel their unmitigated loathing for this couple.
  6. Katrina Dog Goes to Court

  7. The judge rules in favor of the woman.

  9. Woman tells her account of leaving her life behind but fighting to get back Pablo.
  10. Pablo’s Verdict: Firsthand Account

  11. Pablo returns home.
  12. Pablo Goes Home

What I found most interesting was the anger that clearly seeped through Best Friends reporting on this issue.  Best Friends is notoriously positive and clear-in-spirit when it comes to talking about animal matters… however in this case, it sounds to me that for the first time that I’d read, the reporting was VERY CLEARLY ANGRY about the matter.  Heck – it sounded like the folks from Best Friends were looking for some old west justice in the whole matter, from the screw up in Arizona, to the selfish, heartless idiots in San Diego.

I think that’s probably why there was so much reporting done on their end.  It was probably cathartic.

One things sticks in my mind: 
There’s a very special place in hell reserved for this money grubbing San Diegan couple.

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