Two otters holding hands

The jaded & cynical person in me watched this for the first minute or so and said to myself, "Oh for crying out loud, they’re animals.  The contact is purely just incidental.  They probably just got their paws tangled."  And then they separated and everyone got sad. 

But as they approached each other again… well, just watch.

2 Responses to Two otters holding hands

  1. Deborah says:

    Absolutely engaging! I will be heading over to Soapbox to find this video… Very nice Space – I came looking for gaming blogs and kept on reading. I found your Google post interesting – I use Google for searching, but I backed away fast from signing up for Gmail when I read through all their "fine print"!

  2. Kurt says:

    I\’m glad you enjoyed it.  I\’m always surprised when people find my blog interesting because I don\’t write it for anyone other than myself.  It\’s more of an outlet of expression than anything.  Kinda cathartic to get stuff of your chest.
    I think my problem is that I\’m the fusion of 2 completely different worlds:  I work in technology for a large global corporation.  My politics slant toward liberatarian and I read financial statements more than I read books by Crichton or Grisham.  Meanwhile, I\’m the product of a state-funded university, my primary hobby is sake-tasting, I\’m a woodwind musician and a staunch/active animal rights advocate who spends his weekends working at an animal shelter.
    So you can see where my mind might need some place to express both sides of my brain.  Hence the reason my blog has entries about Otters, Privacy Rights, & Video Games. [grin]

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