Apple’s Fine Print: 19 things I bet you didn’t know about the iPhone

Check this out.  Doug Ross wrote up this little ditty about the iPhone and the hidden stuff in Apple’s fine print for the iPhone.  Some of these are real humdingers and I’ll be the average iPhone user doesn’t know 9/10ths of these

<taken from Doug Ross’ site>

  • International Messages Are Charged Additional Fees as Are Files Over 300Kbps.
    …While it cost[s] nothing extra to send an email overseas using the Internet, AT&T has decided that all messages outside the US or larger than 300 K should cost extra:
    “International messages not included. Charges for international messages sent from the U.S. are 20¢ for Text Messages and 50¢ for Picture/Video Messages. Additional charges for premium messages and content apply. Messages over 300 KBs billed an additional 50¢/message.”
  • The Current Mobile Email Service Doesn’t Support Attachments.
  • Prohibited Uses and “Unlimited” Sales Hype.
    Even though the service is called "unlimited" they are simply using that word as a marketing concept, not an actual service description. You can’t use the service for VOIP and worse "unlimited plans cannot be used for uploading, downloading or streaming of video content (e.g. movies, tv), music or games." Here are just some of the restrictions [prohibited services]:
    * With server devices or with host computer applications, including, without limitation, web camera posts or broadcasts, continuous jpeg file transfers, automatic data feeds, telemetry applications, peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing, automated functions or any other machine-to-machine applications…
    * for voice over ip…
    * in conjunction with wwan or other applications or devices which aggregate usage from multiple sources prior to transmission…
    * Except for content formatted in accordance with at&t’s content standards, unlimited plans cannot be used for uploading, downloading or streaming of video content (e.g. movies, tv), music or games. Furthermore, unlimited plans (except for dataconnect and blackberry tethered) cannot be used for any applications that tether the device


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