Championship Gaming Series? WAAAAHHHHOOOO!

The age of competitive gaming is here. 

Right now I’m watching the Championship Gaming Series:  O… M… F… G.

Why am I so hyped on this?  It’s actually compelling to watch!  CGS has two teams of 8 battle it out in 5 different Xbox 360/PC gaming scenarios:  Project Gotham Racing 3, Dead of Alive 4: Female, Dead or Alive 4: Male, Counterstrike: Source, and FIFA 07.  (Counterstrike is the only PC game and is played 5×5.)

The players have personality and the "best player" from each team on a game plays the other teams best player head-to-head in FIFA 07 and Dead or Alive 4.  Dead or Alive is actually played Female vs Female and Male vs Male… I don’t think any guys want to be known as either the guy that beat up on a girl or a the guy that LOST to a girl (the sport of video gaming is after all ego driven and mostly populated by guys) so they play within sexes.

The coolest thing however is that EVERYONE is playing on Xbox 360.  Across the board:

  • MLG is primarily about Halo 2 & Rainbow 6.
  • CGS is primarily about Xbox 360 exclusive games like Dead or Alive & PGR3.
  • WSVG doesn’t play any Xbox 360 exclusives but all the games except World of Warcraft are played on Xbox 360s.

I think this sports gonna blow up and I think you’re gonna see these tournaments played at 9-10AM in the morning on Saturdays when kids get up and watch people battle it out on the very consoles that are sitting in their households.

In fact, when I grow up, I’d LOVE to sponsor one of these teams.  How cool would it be to have a stable of bad ass gamers that you could coach, motivate, escort, and provide for on a professional level?

Long live Xbox 360.

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