Digg & Slashdot commentary is some of the funniest stuff.

So a "Linux"-sponsored race car was the first to crash at the Indianapolis 500.

Apparently a group of Linux fans wanted to get Linux some exposure to the Indy500 crowd (???) and cobbled together enough money to slap a Linux logo on the side of an Indianapolis 500 entered car. 

If you look carefully, you can make out the "Tux" penguin logo on the front of the car.

Here’s a video of the crash:


Here’s some of the "best of" comments from Digg & Slashdot about this article:

  • "Turns out the driver crashed due to a race condition [fh-ulm.de], which as most programmers know, should be avoided for the obvious reasons."
  • "The car was destined to crash…it was caught in a loop…"
  • "Moral of the story: Linux doesn’t have good uptimes when you run it on unstable hardware."
  • "looks to me like the SCO car shoved him."
  • "That’s impossible; everyone knows Linux can’t crash. He must have been dual-booting Windows."
  • "Of course it crashed, considering it didn’t have windows."
  • "Well, this is what happens when your pit crew scoffs and tells you to "RTFM" when you pull-in for a pit stop."
  • "At first, it appeared to be a problem with the IndyCar extensions to X, given the user was able to take it down to a console-based tow truck (it wasn’t pretty, but it at least got a controlled shutdown). However, further investigation showed it was definitely a hardware issue, as the system couldn’t get back on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway network after a full restart of the engine. Most probable cause was a network collision."
  • "Next time try: /etc/init.d/brakes restart and paste results here. Thanx"
  • "The linux car crashes first, the irony is surreal"
  • "sudo shutdown –h 77"

And last but not least, someone on Digg got 1977 digg ups from his comment:

  • "Looks like it was a driver issue."

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