HUMOR: Harry Enfield rules.

Today was "Harry Enfield" day.

I love Harry Enfield comedy sketches.  I’ve hosted a few online at Soapbox for viewing below.  If you aren’t familiar with him, Harry Enfield is a British comedian that has done, among other things, some parodies of those 50’s Public Service Announcements featuring a fellow named "Mr. Cholmondley-Warner" that are funny enough to make me bust a gut at work whenever I’m feeling crappy.

And, yes, today I feel lousy.  Let’s just say that it’s the end of the fiscal year for us and I’m tired of customer’s pulling out the "Microsoft monopoly" line because they’re grouchy over the fact that for some godawful reason we won’t provide OS patches for their Windows 98 deployment.  Either that or it’s because we shockingly won’t treat Macs, Linux, and Open Source anything as equals to Windows whenever we built tools or applications.

Yes, today was a "Harry Enfield" day.  I just hope I don’t have to escalate this to being a "Benny Hill" day.
Video: Harry Enfield: Women – Know Your Limits
Video: Harry Enfield: Women and cars
Video: Harry Enfield: The Guide to Conjugal Rights
Video: Harry Enfield – Women – Keep Your Virtue

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