HOWTO: Stop postal junk mail

Green Dimes provides a service that prevents you from getting junk postal mail at  They purport that their service will reduce postal junk mail by 75-90%.  They also say that they will plant a tree for you every month in your name.  From a customization perspective, you can also put certain catalogs on a "white list" to enable them to be delivered to you.

The service costs $36 annually… or 10 cents every day of the year. 

When I found out about this thing, I signed up within 30 seconds with credit card in hand.  Every day I receive a bevy of advertisements in the mailbox:

  • Newspaper flyer type advertisements
  • AOL CDROMs and the like
  • Mortgage reduction & Line of Credit offers
  • Real estate agent ads
  • Mass coupon packets

Everyday, I’m grabbing all of that junk mail, bringing it up to my garbage can, and throwing it away during the "sorting process".  Now within 8 weeks, all of this – or hopefully most of this – should disappear.  WHEEEEE!

(Oh by the way… you can gift a subscription as well to friends who hate postal junk mail as much as you do.)

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