Guess what my guilty pleasure is?

Everyone has a guilty pleasure.  For some people it’s watching American Idol.  Some guys like Playboy magazines.  I used to know a girl that liked reading the National Enquirer.  And yet another gal that had a stash of Harlequin novels.

I heart CSI: Miami.  I like the eye candy.  I like the psuedo-science used in the show.  Even with my dislike for Florida (tougue firmly planted in cheek!), I like the Miami scenery.  I like David Caruso’s cheesy one-liners before they play the show’s title sequence.

I think it’s the same part of my brain that loves things like Las Vegas, Sunset Blvd., and videos of people getting absolutely pwned.  It’s banal and silly, but who cares? 

Incidentally, I read somewhere where there’s been a sudden surge in Caruso imitations:  People doing an imitation of David Caruso’s character "Horatio Caine" – here’s the general procedure on "how to be Horatio/Caruso":

  1. Stand up with feet parted by about 9 inches with hands on hips.
  2. Stare down at the floor with sunglasses off in on hand and say just the first part of some cheesy line.  (Jim Carrey’s variation on this goes, "I before E…")
  3. Look up, put on your sunglasses and say the rest of the phrase:  "… except after C."
  4. <Insert the entry music for the Who’s "Won’t Get Fooled Again" here>

I actually think it’s kind of nice – that a guy like David Caruso, who effectively tanked his career by leaving NYPD Blue for a failed movie career – could resurrect things with a hit TV show many years later, and totally commit himself to the show, kind of like a grand awakening.  In an interview he did, in TV guide that he’s totally wrapped himself in the Horatio Caine character from how he lives his life to the amount of time he puts into the show to ensure it’s a success. 

And additionally, he dedicates himself to having a successful run on CSI: Miami to ensure that he can enjoy his time with his son, whom he’s apparently ridiculously devoted to.  I believe the quote he said was, "I look at my son everyday and am reminded of how unimportant everything else I’ve been pursuing has been."  I’m sure this was in reference to his prior "aggressive" pursuit of fame & fortune in his acting career earlier in life.

It seems pretty clear to me that this guy’s learned one of the most important lessons in life.

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