The XBox 360 kiosk in the Taipei train station (or “Why I love our company”)

No.  Seriously – I do.  I love this company. Everytime I start to get down from all the terrible, snide remarks people make, the industry critics, the religious technology zealots, the Macintosh users I deal with (although at times, all 4 of these could be one in the same) something happens to make me smile and remind me of why I love this company.

My best friend, Ted, is in Taiwan right now.  He’s taking a vacation to see what life is like back home (he was raised in Taiwan for most of his childhood) and he started taking photos of the Taipei train station.  Yes, you read that right:  All this Xbox 360 stuff is located at the Taipei train station. 

What’s more, this is apparently our spokesperson there.  

She’s a walking billboard.  I believe she’s got the words "XBOX 360" plastered on every piece of clothing she’s wearing.  And judging from what Ted writes, it sounds like even the photo doesn’t do her justice.

It reminds me of the days when we marketed Windows 3.0 to Comdex attendees in Las Vegas by buying the advertising on every cab in the city and bribing every hotel cleaning employee to use a specially created pillowcase with the Windows logo on them on their guests beds when they changed the sheets.

Guerrilla marketing.  Except this time it’s in a train station where we have a captive audience.  And we have a beautiful girl doing the pitch.  And as you can see by the crowd in the picture above, it works. 

Man, I love this company.

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