VIDEO: Joe Rogan of “Fear Factor” vs. Carlos Men”steal”ia of “Mind of Mencia”

UPDATE 2/23/2007: 
First of all, here’s a recording of Joe Rogan on the Mikey Show and it’s fantastic:

Joe Rogan talks to Mikey about Carlos Mencia (part 1)
Joe Rogan talks to Mikey about Carlos Mencia (part 2)

So here’s the good stuff:  Carlos calls back in the next day to "set things straight"… and proceeds to make an nonsensical goof out of himself.

Carlos Mencia Responds to being Banned from the Mikey Show

In the same vein, Joe does an interview with Jim Breuer on Sirius Satellite’s "Breuer Unleashed"
discussing some of the biggest joke thieves out there, not the least of which being Carlos Mencia, whom Jim Breuer on the record backs up Joe Rogan on his assertion that Carlos steals other comedian’s bits:

Jim Breuer & Joe Rogan talk about Joke Thieves – Carlos Mencia & Dane Cook
(Taken from Joe Rogan’s Web Site)

UPDATE 2/22/2007: 

Apparently, A DJ named Mikey interviewed Carlos on their radio show in San Diego and asked him about the feud between him an Joe Rogan.  Carlos, in a nutshell, denies the whole thing.  He says that Joe Rogan’s just jealous, he never cites any actual bits that Carlos supposedly steals, and that there’s no credibility to any of his claims. 

He then proceeds to do a comedy routine that was a carbon copy of a bit that Mikey knew came from some DJ’s in Miami.  Mikey hangs up with Carlos and OUTS HIM ON THE AIR.  He says he can’t have Carlos on the show any more because Carlos just proved that he’s a joke thief to him right on the air.

Carlos Mencia strikes again
Carlos Mencia Banned from the Mikey Show in San Diego
(Taken from Digg)

Oh man… have you guys seen this?  This is fantastic!

Joe Rogan confronts Carlos Mencia for stealing other comedian’s material

This has been talked about all over the Internet:  It’s 10 minuntes of material and it all just happened right here in Hollywood a few days ago on Sunset Blvd.  Joe Rogan recorded everything on video camera that a friend was using at the time.  Joe essentially confronted Carlos Mencia at the Comedy Store right there on stage because Carlos apparently has been ripping off the material created by other comedian’s and presenting it as his own on stage.  Apparently, the folks in the comedy circuit all hate Carlos because he’s notorious for "bit-stealing".  

After some back and forth arguing, Joe proceeds to bring up other comic witnesses on stage to accuse Carlos of using their comedy.  Joe talks then about how George Lopez punched Carlos out at another club and slammed him against the wall a few months or so ago for stealing 13 minutes of George’s Las Vegas act and using it as his own on Carlo’s HBO special.  In fact, Joe includes a recording of Howard Stern interviewing George Lopez specifically about this apparently well-publicized incident and George pretty much laid out what happened & how Carlos stole from him.

There’s also a video clip in the above link of Bobby Lee formerly of MadTV who’s a friend of Carlos Mencia and even he says Carlos stole jokes from him.  Comedian Ari Shaffir rips him one on stage for stealing one of his jokes from back in 2002, which Carlos then used in 2006.  (They show the proof in the video)  What is sad is that Carlos proceeds to claim, "Do you really believe that a Jewish comedian (Ari) came up with that joke?"  (It was a joke about illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican/US border)

This is frickin’ awesome stuff and it get’s better:  Joe Rogan outs Carlos for being a fake on yet another level – Carlos Mencia isn’t even his real name.  It’s apparently Ned Losman.  When "Carlos" was an up and coming comedian, the management at the Comedy Store felt that he needed a more ethic name to appeal to the Los Angeles latin community so they created a stage name for him and even a "Mexican persona", even though he’s actually half-German & half-Honduran. 

The aftermath hasn’t been pretty.  Joe’s since been banned from the Comedy Store now and his agent dropped him because he represented both Joe & Carlos as well and he had to choose one or the other apparently:  "Carlos & Mind of Mencia" or "Joe & Fear Factor".  (

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