Official Playstation Magazine Editor: “Why I am buying a 360 this November”

OUCH!  Check this article out from from Dana Jongewaard, former managing editor of the Official Playstation Magazine:

Why I am buying a 360 this November
"…So ultimately, I can’t justify it. $600 is a lot of money, especially when I can get what–for me at least–will be a very similar experience for $400. I would like to own a PS3, and I hope that the price drops soon so I can consider it. But until then, this Official PlayStation Magazine editor will have to join the dark side."

Oh, and while I don’t disparage anyone trying to make a buck these days, I find myself laughing at those inexperienced resellers assuming they’d make $1000s of dollars by reselling PS3’s at ridiculous prices.  Here’s a bit of karma for you:

Scalpers returning PS3s to stores
Eager entrepreneurs trying to make a fast buck on hot demand for the new Sony PlayStation 3 this holiday season have found themselves out of luck.
The initial supply of PlayStation 3 game consoles fell well short of demand and spawned a market of scalpers who picked up the systems.
But a last-minute surge in supply to electronics retailers has left many holding a PS3 with nowhere to unload them.

Still not believing it?  Take a look at the date:  It’s 12/29/2006.  Now take a look at the going rate for Playstation 3’s on eBay:

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