Commentary on “The Evils of Viva Pinata”

Internally, a bunch of us are talking about this hilarious review of our beloved game for the Xbox 360, "Viva Pinata":

The Evils of Viva Piñata
"They have no genitalia, yet they can breed. How is that possible and how do we know we aren’t breeding boy piñatas together? You see how sick and twisted this game is. The people at Microsoft are trying to warp the minds of our children with their evil gay, incestuous piñata sex. Next thing you know, your children will be humping the piñata at their next birthday party, instead of breaking it open. God, I hate to imagine how warped our children could end up from all this.

The weird sex isn’t the only thing going on it the game though. Getting back to the racist nature of the game, you have all these obvious Mexican people on the island and what pray tell does Microsoft have you doing to the Mexican people? They have you hiring them to do gardening. "

I was laughing hard enough that for the first time in a while, I was left speechless as to how to respond to such irreverence.  I honestly don’t know what to say, except I love you guys at Destructoid.  I really do.  You’re right up there with Ctrl-Alt-Del Online & Penny Arcade and for me, that’s high praise.

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