The Truth about the Playstation 3 Launch

I don’t even need to write anything.  Penny Arcade has already done it for me:

Maximum Moisture
Note above the Xbox360 in hand along with the copy of Gears of War
Taken from

And I quote:

"The launch is full of…  well, Launch Titles.  It sounds like Insomniac did what Insomniac does – deliver spit-polished hits. Past that, you’ve got Genji (rank), Untold Legends (just… no) and Gundam (daemonic). Everything else is something that: 
(a) already came out, and
(b) most likely runs better or has more features on existing equipment.  Seriously, read the reviews.  
his is beyond insulting. This is beyond ridiculous.  It is farcical."

Read the full commentary here:

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